JHT sponsored the alumni football match of the Aachen University of Technology

JHT has already been cooperating with the Aachen University of Technology for some time now. Team building, solidarity and sportsmanship are assigned great importance at the University of Technology. Students in addition to professors and staff devoted an entire afternoon to the alumni football tournament to enhance this further.
Ten teams from the mechanical engineering and the mechatronics department played against other in perfect weather conditions on the pitch of VFL05. In the final the business engineers beat the mechanical engineers and won the Alumni Cup. The afternoon was sponsored by JHT. We would like to warmly congratulate the winners on their success!

Vocational and study information day at the St. Ursula episcopal grammar school

A lot of pupils are now forced to reflect on their future professional careers earlier due to G8. Due to the fact that the 10th and 11th formers generally do not yet know which future careers suits them best, the St. Ursula episcopal grammar school organised a vocational and study information day on 25 June 2015. The pupils could select the topics that they would like to find out more about from some 30 lectures.
They include lectures on degree courses in engineering, the humanities, but also training professions and alternative education and training pathways. JHT was represented in the mechanical engineering and design section.

The Streetscooter

After one year of development with the Streescooter GmbH and RWTH Aachen, the first prototype of the “Streetscooter” has met the expectations of the Deutsche Post in October 2012. The Streetscooter is a trendsetter of electric cars for letter and parcel delivery.
JHT is involved in the development of economic E-cars. They are responsible for the fixture engineering and the design of welding work stations for the small-series production.
A prototype of the Streetscooters was presented in September 2012 at the IAA in Frankfurt for the first time.
In 2013 and 2014 2000 Streetscooters will get to market for public services in Germany. The access to markets in the Netherlands is aimed as well. From 2015 20,000 vehicles per year should be manufactured and sold.

5th Early Birds technology breakfast at JHT

The Early Birds technology breakfast works in cooperation with WFG, Aachen University of Applied Sciences and AGIT. It is a funding and support network located in the Euregio. Twelve partners take part, e.g. Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Hogeschool Zuyd (Netherlands) and University Hasselt (Belgium). The aim is to support the technology transfer in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany and to attract new qualified personal for our regional companies.
The 5th Early Birds technology breakfast happened on Tuesday, 08th of April 2014 for selected companies at JHT in Geilenkirchen. The “early birds”, met each other and had the chance to discuss about the future of their key technologies.
At first Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cristoph Hebel held his presentation about mobility concepts engineered at Aachen University of Applied Sciences. After that, our managing director Alexander Houben presented our company with a presentation about different engineering and coating technologies. Finally all guests had time to take breakfast and talk about different themes.